New Yankee Style Miter Bench

My first major woodworking project was building out a miter bench inspired by The NewYankee Workshop. My workspace is nowhere near as large as Norm’s and therefore I had to scale it down and modify what I wanted to do with it. Here is the drawing I did of it in SketchUp.  

{slimbox images/StockWoodWorking/garage newyankee style.png,images/StockWoodWorking/garage newyankee stylet.png,Big view of garage} {slimbox images/StockWoodWorking/garage newyankee style2.png,images/StockWoodWorking/garage newyankee style2t.png,Close up of Miter Bench}

I haven’t taken a final picture of it yet, but the furthest I have gotten is this one:


I have learned the valuable lesson of squareness. It is very important to ensure that you will have something that fits together well in the end. I would have to say for the most part I lucked out and did not run into too many problems.

The drawers were probably one of the more time consuming parts of the project. Cutting to size for the sides and then dove-tail jointing / rabbeting. Finally, installing the rails for these puppies was a pain in the butt too!

It is now all assembled and it makes my life so much easier to be so organized.

 Here is my mock up of it in Google Sketchup

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