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Aeon Labs Doorbell integration with Vera – Door Chimes

I have been looking for a door chime solution that was Zwave based and found that the Aeon Labs doorbell could fit that bill nicely. The reason for this is that you can customize the chimes, so it doesn’t exactly … Continue reading

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Skiing In Colorado – January 2015

This was Aiden’s first time skiing out in Colorado and only his second time skiing! He is a little champ out there! On this run, it is considered a green, but this is closer to a blue than a green! … Continue reading

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Kegbot Beer Status – Vera Plugin

Overview This plugin was created within the Vera Home Automation system to enable monitoring of the Kegbot system. Features Include: Main Kegbot Status Hub (including last drinker) Individual Device Creation Per Keg Per Keg – Status Reporting (Updated every 5 … Continue reading

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2012 4th of July Camping

We camped out in South Beloit this 4th of July and this is the video of our fun vacation. I’d say this is also the turning point for Aiden getting very comfortable in the water. It is pretty fun to … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Family Trip

I finally got around to putting our Las Vegas family trip’s video together. While we didn’t start recording anything until we went to the Hoover Dam, it still is a good representation of our trip out to Las Vegas. Aiden … Continue reading

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Aiden on the Rocking Horse & The Build

Aiden’s Grandpa has been hard at work building him a Rocking Horse. Here is a video of him trying it out before it is completley ready. Everytime we walk in the garage now, he points at it and wants to … Continue reading

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Computer Side Table

I needed something that I could house my pc and all of its components in to keep them safe from the curious little Aiden! A side benefit that Mandy enjoys is that it has dejunked that corner of the living … Continue reading

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Camping in Baraboo

Here is a video of Aiden playing at our campsite at Baraboo. Camping in Baraboo from Adam Cavaliere on Vimeo.

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Aiden’s Birth

Here is the video of Aiden’s Birth.

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Our Son Aiden Was Born

Here are the pictures of our son Aiden and our happy family!

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